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 vandhe madhram movie review

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PostSubject: vandhe madhram movie review   Tue Sep 28, 2010 5:16 pm

Banner: Pankaj Productions
Production: Henry
Direction: Aravind T
Star-casts: Mammooty, Arjun, Sneha and others
Music: D. Imman
Cinematography: Vetri

Director Aravind T and producer Henry have a remarkable career to mark about. Director Aravind had once delivered some of the best blockbusters that include – Oomai Vizhigal, Senthoora Poove and so on while producer Henry had vigorously churned out socio-commercial flicks like Pudhumai Pitthan. Apart from this factor, coming together of A-league actors like Mammooty and Arjun was worthy enough to keep us awaited. Facing the most speculative hurdles on the way, the film has finally made its way onto the screens.

When it comes to the plot, the film doesn’t boast of any difference from yesteryear flicks based on combat against terrorism. The new-dimensional screenplay by producer Henry keeps us engrossed during first half. But the story proceeds towards second hour, it’s all about beating the same bush again as it lacks intensity.

The film opens with a confidential conference held in New Delhi, where Prime Minister discusses about the serious issue of terrorists hatching plans to disturb the Nation. Prime Minister assigns South India’s Intelligence Bureau officer Gopi Krishnan (Mammooty) to handle the operation. He indeed, selects 4 officers from various South Indian states that include Anwar Hussain (Arjun) from Tamil Nadu. This team embarks the back-breaking journey of curbing down the terrorists’ activities in South India.

Lots of investigations and chases in first half win our attention. But soon as the IB officers zero down on the terrorist, the raciness slightly drops down as the remaining portion is all about trapping the head. Mammooty as usual gets through the best performance. He shares a great screen presence with Arjun. Sneha doesn’t carry much prominence as she appears only in little sequence. The reason behind Mammooty’s plans about bring Sneha into his operation is a bad idea. Director Aravind should have been clear with a point that real life investigators wouldn’t involve their friends or family members into their operations. Arjun exerts the best efforts and his stunt sequence with terrorist over the top of trees is off-the-wall conceptualization. Getting away from the clichéd sort of investigation methods, the director has tried projecting the present trend of how the criminals are tortured with extreme sound, excessive heat and injection methods. Google usage has been well depicted.

Tracing the calls through towers has been already done in various films. The sequence of Vedanthangal Birds Sanctuary has been well implemented.

Cinematography by Vetri is okay. Over usage of wide angles does create a sense of dryness, but that maybe a constraint amongst regular audiences. Musical score by D Imman is mediocre and it could have been yet better.

The film’s duration of 130 mins has a well written screenplay at parts. Though, there are few lagging quotients.

You can watch the film once, if you’re strictly not bounded to any expectations.

What works: Mammooty, Arjun, First Half, Few interesting new elements…

What doesn’t work: Slowness in second half with predictable narration, Music, Sneha’s tenuous delineation…

Verdict: Police Vs Terrorist drama with some freshness

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vandhe madhram movie review
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