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PostSubject: AMBASAMUDHRATHIL AMBANI   Fri Jul 09, 2010 6:48 am

Banner: Ken Media Entertainment
Production: John Preito
Direction: P. Ramanath
Star-casts: Karunas,
Navenet Kaur , Kota Srinivasa Rao, Master Shankar, Cheran
Raj Livingstone, MC Haneefa and others.
Music: Karunaas
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Camera: Puli Devan
Art: Sura
Choreography: Sridhar, Yaasin
Stunts: Super Subbarayan
Editing: V.T. Vijayan
The Friday releases haven’t been boastful about offering the best
entertainment. With couple of other releases – ‘Pournami Naagam’ and ‘Veluthu
’ not doing great rounds, Karunas lands up as the runs ahead
bringing some relief. Much alike his onscreen debut ‘Dindukal Saarathy’
dealt with some pragmatic issues, ‘Ambasamudaram Ambani’ hits straight
into another prospect of individual’s reflections. In single line, AA is
a film about an aspiring person from the down south village aiming to
be a topmost tycoon like Ambani.
Director P. Ramanath lands up with a good conceptualization, but the
narration looks slightly sluggish in the first half while the exact
story get-goes post intermission. Karunas comes up with a performance,
that doesn’t cross the meager degree. Succumbing towards the prototyped
acting, the actor fails to accomplish with his best as it was in ‘DKS’.
Losing parents at his early age, Thandapani (Karunas) sets his goals
higher on earning name, fame and money just like Ambani. Departing to
Chennai with assuredness and self-confidence, Thandapani finds solace
with the aid of a businessman Annachi (Kota Srinivasa Rao). Convincing
him to return the money within short span of time, he gets favored by
Annachi to launch a small shop in his complex. Annachi insists
Thandapani not to reveal about the help he has done or else would land
in trouble if his son (Cheran Raj) comes to know about it. Unluckily,
Annachi kicks the bucket and being dragged into a deplorable situation,
his son barges Thandapani and his co out of the complex unbelieving
about the dealing he had with Annachi.
Disappointed and broken down in spirits, Thandapani, his wife Nandini
(Navneet Kaur), have no plans to make. Will he make it big again or go
accumulated with fate forms rest of the story.
Navneeth Kaur looks pretty aged and she has to care a lot about
screen presence in mere future. Even her performances degree has to be
focused on. Master Shankar as Karunas assistant tries to evoke laughter
while Mayilsamy and Singamuthu comedy are enjoyable to certain extent
only. Kota Srinivasa Rao is best as before while Cheran Raj, enacting
the role of his son does a decent attempt.
Karunas’ attempts to score more as a music director doesn’t gratify
the listeners with patently couple of songs ‘Otha Kallu’ and ‘Kola
Kolaya’ savoring to the tastes of frontbenchers. Cinematography and V.T.
Vijayan’s editing doesn’t help in film’s momentum.
Narration wise, director Ramanath tries to project reality as the
protagonist doesn’t strike gold at an overnight journey. ‘Aim for the
farthest and you’ll end up at least the half of it’ – the most aspiring
message has been conveyed well.
‘Ambasamudaram Ambani’ looks interesting at few parts while a
nitty-gritty screenplay would have made it powerful in terms of
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